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The Good Woman of Setzuan

A mainstream theatre production of the Tanika Gupta translation of the Brecht classic with added descriptions. Created in conjuction with Art Start and a community cast.

Shen Te has been told by the Gods she is their last hope to find a good person in the world.

Witness her incredible story as she struggles to be kind while others place impossible demands upon her.

The ‘Good Woman of Setzuan’ deals with the question of whether or not it is possible to remain good in a society based on greed.


Written by - Bertolt Brecht
Translated by - Tanika Gupt
Produced by - Art Start
Director - Annie Smol
Designer & Production Manager - Dean Blunkell
Musical Director / Arrangement - Gerry Hunt
Choreographer - Sarah Walker-Down
Stage Manager & Project Co-ordinator - Debra Dean
Project Administrator - Tracey Viechweg
Snr Technicians - Jamie Richardson, James Vernon, John Simpson
Wardrobe Supervisor - Moira Stansfield
Publicity / Graphic Designer - Nigel Kellaway
Stage Management Crew - Phil Bailey, Paula Blunkell, Doreen Denton, Nigel Kellaway, Kim Lang
Additional Dialogue / Aural Descriptions - Jacky Livingstone, Shirley Mason, Jackie Kohnstamm, Janet Norton
Sign Language Advisor - Paula Garfield
Consultant (Script Adaptation) - Jum Rubin
Consultant (Mask Work) - Francesa Giacomini
Set & Costume Realisation - Dean Blunkell, Debra Dean, Kim Lang, Steve Foster, Moira Stansfield, Doreen Denton, Mo Cross, Anita Antonik, Karen Castaneda, Jenna Higgins, Jenna Howard, Sarah Graham, Emma Ohwow, Martin Bloomfield, Chelsea Davies, Heather Kennedy, Kim Chambers
Puppets - Debra Dean
Foyer Display - Kim Lang, Steve Foster
Front of House - Paula Blunkell, Jean Kellaway, Alan Kellaway
Actor / Communicator - Catrin Thomas

CAST (in order of appearance)

    Lt TAN (Cast Signer and for Shen Te) - Catrin Thomas
    Lt KONG (Cast Signer and Voice for Wang) - Stephanie Cobb
    FLORRIE - Janet Norton
    LILY MAY - Jacky Livingston
    ELLIE (different nights) - Laura Markall, Louise Barnard
    MENG - Martin Bloomfield
    AO - Emma Ohwow
    KANG - Georgie Court
    WEI LIU - Laurence Viechweg
    WANG - Ilan Dwek
    MRS SHIN - Delia Ryde
    THE GREAT SAGE  - Sarah Graham
    CAT GOD - Joanna McCarthy
    LIAN PO - Carlyle Royan
    ERLANG GOD - Steven Wish
    MR SHU FU - Adrian Wilks
    SHEN TE / SHUI TA - Lucy Thampi
    WOMAN - Doreen Robinson
    MAN - Anthony Kralik
    NIECE - Julie Parker
    UNEMPLOYED WOMAN - Patricia Clarke
    CARPENTER / PRIEST - Ramadan Canoplat
    SISTER IN LAW - Heather Kennedy
    BROTHER - Peter Faventi
    GIRL - Caroline Hinds
    GRANDMA - Olive Olney
    OFFICER SHI - Richard Costelloe
    OFFICER SONG - Mo Cross
    SUN YANG - Jon French
    MRS WU GAO - Gladys Walker
    MRS WU LI - Lydia Jan Dhari
    MRS YANG - Sharon Court
    MUSICIANS - Gerry Hunt, Patrick McCarthy, Ellen Dean, Tommy Davitt, Peter Antoniou, Emma Phillippo


    Arts Council (RALP) London Borough Enfield, European Regional Development Fund, Enfield Enterprise Agency

Artistic Vision

We have developed a multi-accessible style of performance which is distinct and exciting.

Founder Members

In the late 90s a group of artists started to experiment with different ways of working in Theatre.


Our board members bring a range of experiences and points of view to what we do.


Face Front was begun by artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.