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Act ‘4’ Change Youth Theatre

Act ‘4’ Change Youth Theatre will be a highly skilled flagship youth theatre facilitated by Face Front Inclusive Theatre.

Face Front runs many other groups but the difference between this one and others is that this will provide a continued and connected programme of up skilling and training young people between the ages of 11 – 25.

The youth theatre will concentrate in all areas of theatre production including backstage management, lighting, costumes, directing, writing and performance skills.

The impact of this youth theatre will help to and support young people through a transition of skills from confidence building, using the right communication techniques, gaining respect for their community and self-aspiration.

The youth theatre will provide a safe, creative, space where young people between the ages of 11 -25 will be able to gather together to create high class quality inclusive theatre that will address topical issues. Young people will be involved in periods of research, devising, rehearsal, meeting once a week and more during production times. During these times they will be developing new skills, enhancing ones they already have.

Their soft skill base such as confidence, self-esteem and commitment to task taken on will improve as they apply it to the project in hand. We will address education, skills and training by providing a programme of opportunity that includes presentation skills, Improvisation, Comedy, Physical Theatre, Shakespeare, Classical Text, Directing, Diction, Movement, Puppetry, Mask and Body Language. Not only will these skills educate and train young people to be polished performers but it will also provide them with skills for life.

The programme will also look at methods of acting: Stanislavski, Brecht, method acting, mime and much more, which will provide a firm foundation in the history of the development of theatre through the ages. The group will also be encouraged to keep a record of their visit to theatre groups and performances as part of their education of what is currently available in the theatre creating their own handbook of comparisons. This is a part of the programme that will enable them to discuss the context of theatre, its content and look at all the factors that go into to making theatre. This will enable the young people to have a discourse of understanding and help them to break-down barriers of language and aid them with their literacy skills.

This programme will be for all as Face Front is an inclusive Theatre company and welcome people who have varying disabilities into the group so that every individual has equality in terms of the learning.

Act ‘4’ Change Youth Theatre Benefits:

Increases motivation, enhances self-esteem, helps with confidence, individual and group problem solving, risk taking, high levels of individual and group achievements, meet people and make friends, become more open minded, learn how to work with others, developing interests in performing arts, learn to express yourself and gain transferrable skills.

For more information contact the office on 020 8350 3461

Artistic Vision

We have developed a multi-accessible style of performance which is distinct and exciting.

Founder Members

In the late 90s a group of artists started to experiment with different ways of working in Theatre.


Our board members bring a range of experiences and points of view to what we do.


Face Front was begun by artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.