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Identity & Diversity

The Outsiders

Encouraging respect for all and providing tools for change

Using a combination of art forms, pupils consider how they perceive the world around them challenging stereotypes and celebrating achievements.

Excellent for young people with English as a second language and groups in mainstream or special schools including vulnerable or marginalised students.

It provides:
  • the opportunity to participate in a performing arts experience which reflects the participant’s views and experiences
  • an increased awareness of own and others cultural identity
  • an increased awareness of racism and how to confront it

Suitable for Years: 4 to 8
Duration: 60-90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear space
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Disability Awareness

Disability equality using the social model

A range of workshops led by disabled and non-disabled artist/facilitators for mainstream and special schools. Workshops include role-play, film, improvisation, discussion, drama games and exercises.

“The workshop was fantastic, the way you got the young people involved and what they produced with you was amazing”


  • general disability awareness
  • anti – bullying adults with learning difficulties
  • deaf awareness
  • visual impairment awareness
  • inclusion

Suitable for Years: 4 to 11
Duration: 60-180 mins
Facilities needed: Clear classroom, DVD Player / Projector
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B

Cultural Identity

Developing a personal approach to challenging discrimination

Explores our personal landscape of identity and cultural rules of behaviour, using games, theatre exercises and role play.

“The workshop was really good. I am glad I did it. It’s the sort of things we never learn in the classroom.”

Workshops are tailored for young people aged 11 to 25 in schools and colleges. They are available as a single-issue workshop or a carousel to a whole year group with individual workshops on:

  • provides an introduction to equality and cultural identity
  • explores identity by looking at the use of language to discriminate
  • discusses what is acceptable for each individual
  • devises a unified approach to identifying and challenging discrimination

Led by Immediate Theatre’s Associate Director Tony Gouveia, supported by an experienced workshop leader and a trained Peer Educator.

Suitable for Years: 10 to 11
Duration: One Day
Facilities needed: Adaptable
Capacity: 25 - 30
£: Band F



Who Cares?

Raising awareness of the issues facing young carers

An engaging drama workshop led by experienced facilitators.

“This was the most involved and enthusiastic that I have so far seen 9H. They embraced the project readily and each improvised a coherent and entertaining scenario.”

  • conveys accurate and clear information about young carers
  • enables young carers to come forward and ask for support
  • raises awareness and offers strategies for supporting individuals in school
  • helps young people to develop ways of communicating with ‘professionals’, including assertion techniques

Suitable for Years: 5 to 10
Duration: 60-90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear space
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Understanding Cancer

The myths, facts and emotions in relation to young people’s experiences

With one in three people affected by cancer, this workshop uses roleplay, improvisation, and drama exercises to raises awareness of cancer and its impact

“The performance was quite exceptional in the way that it presented the issues surrounding cancer. The children left well informed and ready to promote knowledge of the disease in a confident manner”


  • where to go to for support.
  • developing peer support skills
  • strategies to dispel the myths and prejudice

Understanding Cancer is designed to work across the curriculum areas of science, drama and PSHE.

Suitable for Years: 5 to 9
Duration: 60-180 mins
Facilities needed: Clear space
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band 2



Be part of creating a new production

A new production looking at young people’s understanding of territorial behaviour and feelings of anxiety when travelling beyond their home area.

Research has been completed and from January 2013 a playwright and artistic team will be developing stories with students.

If your school would like to be part of this process please call a.s.a.p.

Tour starts Autumn 2013. Call for details.

Suitable for Years: 7 to 11
Duration: Lesson
Facilities needed: Hall
Capacity: Development 30,
Performance 90
Cost £: Development Band D
Performance Cand C




Unique Recipe

The unique qualities and talents which form our personal identity and what we need from others to develop and grow

Actor/facilitators use role-play, group work, improvisation, image work and poetry to engage and challenge the students.

“t was brilliant! You showed people as they really are and exploded the labels”

This workshop:

  • enables young people to gain a greater acceptance of themselves and others
  • generates respect for each person’s unique identity
  • promotes emotional and physical well being

Suitable for Years: 4 to 7
Duration: 60-90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear classroom
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Artistic Vision

We have developed a multi-accessible style of performance which is distinct and exciting.

Founder Members

In the late 90s a group of artists started to experiment with different ways of working in Theatre.


Our board members bring a range of experiences and points of view to what we do.


Face Front was begun by artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.