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Health Promotion & Enviroment

Carbon Footprint Detective Agency (CFDA)

Tackling waste and reducing energy bills across school

A giant carbon footprint has appeared in school overnight! In the play, pupils meet the 'Carbon Footprint Detective Agency' whose job is to find out what the footprint is and how to reduce it. CFDA’s detectives vanquish their counter-parts, the dastardly ‘Wasters' (who spread pollution & litter and waste energy, food and fuel), with plenty of audience participation!

CFDA then leads your Eco-group in a workshop, to deepen their understanding of the issues and swear them in as undercover detectives. The group has 3 weeks to explore energy wastage at school, before Chief Big Sock returns for their second workshop. Undercover tasks are lead by the CFDA ‘Sergeant’ (your appointed teacher) using the teachers’ pack.

In the second workshop, Chief Big Sock enables the Eco Group to present their findings in an assembly for KS2 pupils and staff. The assembly learns a school pledge (written by the Eco-group), and are sworn in as Carbon Footprint Detectives, with the mission to reduce energy waste across the school.

This project has been developed over 4 years with LB Newham, reaching over 8,000 pupils in 54 school communities. Develop your Eco-Group and work towards achieving Eco-School status

“It was fantastic to get the students to understand their own involvement in carbon emissions and the extent of their footprint. They take their role seriously and ask teachers to switch the lights off if it’s bright enough to work without them”

Suitable for Years: 3 to 6
Duration: 2 Performances: 60 mins
2 Eco-group workshops:
60 mins
Assembly: 35 mins
Facilities needed: Large hall for performances
& assembly, small hall
for workshops
Capacity: Performances: 120
Workshops: 20
Assembly: 200+
Cost £: £1,500
(for whole project in one term)




Smoking Cessation

The pressures to smoke from peers or family and what to do about it

Created with education and health professionals, the session includes role-play, improvisation, drama games and exercises.

For older students, this workshop explores:

  • peer-pressure in the social context of smoking
  • the physical damage caused by smoking

For younger students, the workshop focuses on:

  • how to prevent or stop smoking within the family
  • the physical consequences of smoking


Suitable for Years: 3 to 13
Duration: 60-90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear space
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Thoughts Allowed

Exploring mental health for young people

A workshop which creates characters and situations which enable participants to:

  • gain an improved understanding of mental health
  • build resilience self confidence, trust and self esteem
  • discuss mental health in a safe and creative environment

Thoughts Allowed was developed by Immediate Theatre in partnership with Young Minds, (national charity for children's mental health), and The Mellow Campaign, (East London mental health organisation for BAME groups).

The workshop is led by an experienced facilitator and a Peer Educator.

In 2002 Immediate Theatre was presented with a Community Care Award for its work for mental health work.

“I have become more confident in talking about what mental health is all about …it’s not just about ‘mad’ people.””

Suitable for Years: 8 to 11
Duration: upto 90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear classroom
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Obesity workshop

The importance of a healthy balanced diet

This workshop looks at good health with a variety of lively characters from the five main food groups.

Actor/facilitators enact short scenes and use storytelling games and exercises to engage the young people and aid their learning.

The workshop focuses on:

  • understanding the importance of a healthy balanced diet
  • negotiating food choices with parents/carers
  • comfort eating and the consequences of obesity

Suitable for Years: 3 to 6
Duration: 45-60 mins
Facilities needed: Clear space
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Top Gear

Drugs and dealing prevention

Developed in partnership with substance misuse experts and delivered by Peer Educators this performance workshop follows the journey of a character as he makes choices relating to the possession and use of street drugs and alcohol. The session format can be adapted to meetthe needs of your class.

“I learned you should not force your friends to do anything and you should not let your friends force you to do things you don’t want to do like drink or smoke.”

• substance classification
• alcohol and cannabis
• the law
• links with domestic violence and mental health

Suitable for Years: 8 to 11
Duration: upto 90 mins
Facilities needed: Clear classroom
Capacity: 30
Cost £: Band B


Artistic Vision

We have developed a multi-accessible style of performance which is distinct and exciting.

Founder Members

In the late 90s a group of artists started to experiment with different ways of working in Theatre.


Our board members bring a range of experiences and points of view to what we do.


Face Front was begun by artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.