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About our Theatre in Education Programme

Theatre bringing the curriculum to life

Theatre is an amazing way to engage young people with active learning. It is fun and uniquely effective at helping young people understand life from different perspectives.

Using theatre and drama has a lasting impact on pupils learning. It supports the PSHE personal wellbeing curriculum, Citizenship, Sustainable Communities, Healthy Schools, Drama and English as well as linking to Science, Maths, Art and Geography. It helps produces confident individuals, successful learners and positive citizens.

Face Front can also provide accredited training including Arts Awards and help schools to achieve the Artsmark and engage effectively with the recommendations of the Henley Review.

Download the booklet here (2Mb PDF file) | Browse TISP productions on this site

Curriculum Area

Curriculum Links

Learning Outcomes



Personal Well Being Exploring personal identities, developing relationships, decision making. Theatre and class work, critical reflection, working with others. Independent enquiry, creative thinking.
Healthy Living Understanding emotions, empathy, puberty, managing risk, SRE, smoking cessation,
mental health.
Theatre and classwork critical reflection, working with others, self managing including peer mentoring. Effective participation.


Speaking and Listening Improving use of language, listening and critical skills and character development. Group work, role-play, formal and informal language, discussion and debate.


Drama Techniques Improving critical response to drama, understanding and use of a range of techniques. Hot seat, image work, exploring
character, split stage, role-play,
evaluation, improvisation.


Be Healthy Focusing on emotional health and wellbeing Through exploration of a variety of issues and how to find support and help.
Stay Safe Exploring risk taking including sex, alcohol, drugs, comfort eating, crime and violence. Using scenarios created from young people’s experiences.
Enjoy and Achieve Experiencing live theatre / workshops, contributing to the discussions. Through high quality theatre role-play and pupils trying out different solutions using drama and discussion.
Make a Positive
Supporting peers with emotional problems. Protecting peers from bullying and risk taking. Motivation and understanding through roleplay, pre and post show lessons developing whole schools approach to well being.


Social Skills Exploring self awareness,
empathy, relationships.
Through creative thinking, team working, and effective participation.


Successful Learners Through engagement in learning and building empathy to increase motivation to learn. Using live theatre, role play and interaction to engage the emotions creating active, practical and constructive learning and enquiry.
Confident Individuals Through development of emotional health and well being   
Responsible Citizens Developing peer health mentoring and peer responsibility.

Artistic Vision

We have developed a multi-accessible style of performance which is distinct and exciting.

Founder Members

In the late 90s a group of artists started to experiment with different ways of working in Theatre.


Our board members bring a range of experiences and points of view to what we do.


Face Front was begun by artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.